fresco christian art

fresco christian art

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fender hell

This is a re painted image I originally drew when I worked at Matt Assenmachers shop.
In the basement of his shop, was a large bicycle box full of junk bike parts and lots of fenders. It may still be there. We called it "fender hell." (this was when I was in my 20's) We the employees had a funny theory that the box was a spiritual "heart" of the bike shop, where the tortured souls reside. You didn't want to go to that place because your soul was in danger there. So I jokingly did a drawing which I hung up in the back part of the store, titleing it "rising from fender hell"
After I left the shop, I realized the painting was a metaphor for my eventual departing from the bike shop into a career as an artist. There was a "resurrection" that took place when I finally did quit.
So when my friend Lee Franz left the bike shop after 20 + years, I gave him one of these at his farewell party- which made him laugh. Then another guy I worked with at the shop from years ago, Dave Manges, actually hired me to do another version of fender hell which is this piece.
Originally, the painting was just for fun, a joke! When painting and drawing I think it's important to NOT take your self so seriously. Jesus said,"The kingdom of God belongs to such as these (becoming like a child)" I hope he forgives me for poking fun at haunted bike shops!


  1. It's actually quite beautiful in it's own 'twisted' way.