fresco christian art

fresco christian art

Thursday, April 14, 2011

april 14

Here's a one day mural I did in Frankenmuth for a good customer of mine. I used a projector to get a rough drawing which I then painted the drawing in black. I like to use rollers to build depth and I'm pretty good with blending colors with them. (you just have to keep the wall wet with a spritzer)
You know, I never really looked close at this album cover, but Paul is barefoot, and John's shoes are dirty white tennis shoes. On the street's sidewalks are people looking their way wondering what's going on. John's portrait was easy--since his hair is all you see! I had trouble with all the other's faces because I was in a little hurry. Usually it takes a certain amount of time per face, and if I spend less than that, it looks rough--and unfinished. You really gotta build up the face's mass to make it convincing and you gotta paint with decisive marks when finishing it. Lots of times, I'll skip the drawing and just draw it in paint, especially when I'm in the groove.

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